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• Monday, August 13th, 2007

Okay, alcohol rehabs are on the board right now. If you’ve ever been an alcoholic then you know how hard it is to live life with that monkey on your back. That’s how it is. Alcoholism is a monkey that is super glued to your back and ain’t coming off until you get professional help. You can do what you want and you can say what you want, but the truth of the matter is that until you do something about it it will still be right there between your shoulder blades. Alcohol rehabs are the only solace for people with alcoholism problems. Why? Because they help dufus! That’s what they are supposed to do. Frankly, alcohol rehabs don’t necessarily help everyone because nothing in this world is perfect. That’s just how it goes in the world. But, they have a great success rate. I can’t say that I remember the numbers, but I know for sure they worked for me one-hundred percent. That’ pretty good. Basically the bottom line is if you do have a problem, you don’t really stand to lose more than you are now. Which means, it couldn’t hurt to go and see what could happen if you solicited the help of alcohol rehabs. That’s how it goes and that’s how it went. You dig?

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